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Healthy Gut

Healthy Gut

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Healthy Gut is one of the highest grades of activated charcoal available, specifically produced from coconut shells to human food & medicinal grade standards, making it ideal for long-term feeding. This product works by binding to toxins & acidic molecules in your Dog's digestive tract, and eliminates them through waste, in turn helping to with digestive issues such as;

  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Reduce Flatulence
  • Combat Bad Breath

Healthy Gut is supplied in a handy gripper jar, so you can simply sprinkle it over your dog's food each meal time! It's a great supplement for dogs with a sensitive stomach, as it will help them digest food much more efficiently and can help to drastically reduce excess gas. Our Activated Charcoal is specifically produced for ingestion and has an ultra fine pore size (unlike a lot of cheaper charcoals available on the market that are not suitable for long-term use).

Being an ultra fine granular, Healthy Gut is easy to work with and a lot less messy than powdered charcoal! It has no strong smell or taste, so it can be easily fed to fussy eaters.

Feeding Guide

Healthy Gut can simply be sprinkled over your dog's food each meal time, as a rough guide we recommend around 9g per 10kg of body weight. This can be weighed once, and then you know how much to roughly sprinkle going forward.


100% Activated Charcoal

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