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Keeping your dog in tip top condition!

Browse our full range of bespoke herbal supplements, each made with a clear area or ailment in mind, making it simple for your dog to get the best from nature!

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who are we and what makes us different?

What is True Dog?

We created the brand True Dog as we wanted to get back to basics. When it comes to dog treats and supplements, it can become confusing what's actually in the products we are buying nowadays. With True Dog we keep it simple and lean on the power of natural ingredients and products!

Using the power of botanicals

Here at True Dog we harness the power of natural botanicals to create our fantastic supplements & treats. These fantastic herbs have so many incredible benefits from helping to improve cognitive function to boosting joint elasticity!

We make, we bake

All of our hand baked treats are made by us at our factory in Norfolk. We use our wood fired oven and only the finest ingredients!

Liquid Supplements

We truly believe that all dogs should benefit from one of the amazing liquid supplements available. Whether its omega rich Hemp, salmon oil or unpasteurised apple cider vinegar which is packed full of natural goodness!