About Us

Here at True Dog we have been manufacturing pet supplements and treats for over 10 years, over that time we have been able to source the best ingredients to create our great range of products, ranging from Pure Scottish Salmon Oil to hand made baked treats. 

We started True Dog as we wanted to get back to basics, when it comes to dog treats and supplements it can get confusing what's actually in the products we are buying nowadays, with True Dog we keep it simple and lean on the power of natural ingredients!

Meet the Dogs!


Henry is the big boy, he's an XL Silver Labrador with an even bigger personality! He's fed a raw food diet which is topped with Raw Support & Salmon Oil. He is also head taste tester for our Natural Treats, his particular favourites are Rabbit Ears with Fur & Dried Beef Tails


Ellie is the oldest True Dog Team Member, she's a Rhodesian Ridgeback who enjoys the finer things in life! A slow stroll through the woods and a long nap after! She is fed a raw food diet which is topped with Raw Support. Her favourite treats are Chicken Fillet Cubes & Large Meaty Cubes


Ralph is the fluffiest Cockapoo in the world! He's the sweetest natured dog imaginable and at all points in the day he smells like fresh baby powder! Ralphs parents use the full Bugalugs range to keep him in tip top condition. He is also very partial to a Natural Treat, his favourite by far is the Bull Pizzle


Leia is cute 9 year old French Bulldog who just loves to relax at home and in the garden. Her go to treats are Puffed Chicken Feet & Pigs Ears


Darcy is a chocolate lab that is full of beans! She loves nothing more than getting her harness on and heading out! Darcy is fed Dried food that is topped with Salmon Oil. Darcy absolutely loves her Rabbit Ears with Fur & Fish Skin Cubes


Mable is a small French Bulldog with a big personality! She loves nothing more than running around the garden... apart from maybe lounging in it. She is fed dry dog food that is topped with Salmon Oil. Mable's go to treats are Dried Chicken Cubes & Anchovies


Tayla is a Borador (half Border Collie, Half Labrador) so she is ALWAYS running after a ball! She is fed a raw food diet mixed with Dried Vegetable & Herb Mix which is topped with Omega Oil. Her favourite treats are literally anything Duck or Chicken!


Dolly is a 5 year old Bulldog who loves a slow stroll around the park, but much prefers a long nap on the sofa! She is fed dry food that is topped with Salmon Oil & our Skin & Coat Supplement. Her favourite treats are the softer meaty cubes.

Using the Power of Botanicals

here at true dog we harness the power of natural botanicals to create our fantastic supplements & treats. These fantastic herbs have so many incredible benefits from helping to improve cognitive function to boosting joint elasticity!

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    We source high quality animal parts that pair perfectly with a raw food diet or just as a treat. These single protein source treats are packed full of natural oils & goodness!

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  • Hand Baked Treats

    As bakers by trade, we know a thing or two about baking amazing biscuits. Loaded with natural ingredients, our hand baked treats are both tasty & highly nutritious!

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  • Training Treats

    We offer a range of soft treats, perfect to offer as training rewards. These treats contain no nasty filler ingredients and are single source, high protein bites.

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