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Chicken Bone Broth

Chicken Bone Broth

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Our chicken bone broth is 100% natural with no added nasties! This incredible topper is rich in collagen & contains a whole host of minerals and essential amino acids. Bone broth can help promote great joint, tendon & bone health, whilst helping to support & maintain skin & digestive health.

    Feeding Guide

    To be added to your animals food, recommended daily amounts: 

    • Small - 1-12kg 1tsp
    • Medium 12-24kg 2tsp
    • Large 24-48kg 3tsp
    • XL 48kg+ 4tsp.

    For a thicker broth (gravy) add 50ml of hot water per tsp. This can also be sprinkled over food straight from the pack.


    100% Chicken Bone Protein

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